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Abby has over 25 years of experience in dealing with human complexities.

Abby Napora Counselling & Corporate Consulting

Abby Napora Corporate Consulting in Nelson offers business consulting services

Abby Napora consults with and optimizes the potential of corporate teams.

As a Corporate Consultant: Abby offers team enhancement opportunities using her understanding of human psychology, her unique insight into team dynamics, refined mediation skills and creative strategies to identify destabilizing factors within teams. Abby works to diffuse conflict by using the conflict itself as working material to design tailored plans to harness the strength of each individual within a team and maximize the team as whole.

Workplace conflict is costly! It costs businesses money and those individuals trapped in conflicting situations … peace of mind.

Damage resulting from workplace conflict cuts into profits and costs companies thousands of dollars yearly as employees frequently call in sick and perform below their capabilities due to a lack of motivation and a sense of hopelessness.

Employees affected by office drama describe being full of dread about going to work each day.

Prevention is easier and more affordable than cure. Abby Napora works to enhance healthy teams and stabilizes and unlocks the potential of unhealthy teams. She engenders the trust of both leaders and team members alike and is skilled in elevating teams by facilitating them through “tricky” spots efficiently and effectively.

Abby works with leaders and their teams to identify recurring sabotaging patterns that add to the ill health of the team. She gathers data and through proven methods of analysis is able to identify all the "hot" spots within the team, how they relate to each other, and why they relate this way.

The change process is focused, intentional and carried out with the utmost respect and dignity for leaders and employees alike. Abby is highly aware of the work that is necessary to hold the trust of leaders and employees.

You can create a better tomorrow by having the courage to face today's challenges moving proactively and purposefully towards change

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Corporate consulting and team enhancement includes:

  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Improving team dynamics, productivity and team esteem
  • Developing conflict protocols

Services offered:

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Donald Drumph
Nov 20, 2016

Bigly, this is the yugeest, bigly-est service ever, everyone tells me so.

Alf Simpson
Nov 20, 2016

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