Ascent Helicopters provides safe access to remote locations.
Ascent Helicopters offers specialized flight services.
Ascent Helicopters offers comprehensive project management.
Ascent Helicopters tailors aerial solutions to the needs of each client.

Ascent Helicopters

Ascent Helicopters in Fernie offers specialized flight and charter services—safe access to remote locations

Ascent Helicopters offers specialized flight services for a variety of clients in mining and exploration, the film industry, aerial construction, firefighting and heli-skiing.

With an experienced management team and a highly skilled staff, Ascent Helicopters provides its clients with a reliable and efficient service that surpasses current industry standards.

Ascent Helicopters has the capacity to meet the specific needs of a variety of clients across a wide range of industries.

Ascent Helicopters in Fernie offers comprehensive project management

The company has a mission to provide safe and specialized services to industrial and government markets.

Ascent Helicopters tailors aerial solutions to the specific needs of each client.

With modified aircraft, complete field support and superior service, Ascent Helicopters is proud to have a national and international presence in the helicopter industry.

Ascent Helicopters offers Bell medium and intermediate single- and twin-engine helicopters for sightseeing, charter and specialty work.

Above and beyond!

Safety is a top priority at Ascent Helicopters in Fernie

The dedicated team of engineers at Ascent Helicopters have taken these aircraft even further by completing extensive modifications that improve safety and enhance performance.

The helicopters at Ascent Helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art satellite tracking systems that provide satellite telephone and data transfer capabilities, through BlueTooth connectivity, within the cabin area.

Did you know?

Ascent Helicopters is one of the few Canadian companies that is Transport Canada-approved to offer a hoisting program.

Services offered to the following sectors:

  • Natural resources
  • Film and TV
  • Construction
  • Fire suppression
  • Medevac
  • Heli-skiing
  • Mobile first aid
  • Sightseeing
  • Charter
  • Specialized flights
  • Safe access to remote locations

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