Centerline RV offers MouseFree application to avoid damage to your RV or motorhome.
Centerline RV specializes in new and quality pre-owned Recreational Vehicles.
Check out the Cougar line—Trade ins are accepted at Centreline RV in Magrath, Alberta.

Centerline RV

Centerline RV in Lethbridge sells new and quality pre-owned RVs

Does your RV need repairs?

RV maintenance

Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your RV but it is the only way to ensure that your RV remains in top shape and up to manufacturer specifications.

Mouse-proof your RV

Mice and rodent infestations can lead to serious health and safety concerns.

Ivasions from pests can lead to serious damage to your RV or motorhome.

Prevention is better than cure!

MouseFree application is available

MouseFree is safe to use and is a non-toxic and humane solution to dealing with mice and rodents in your recreational vehicle. While some products can help keep rodents away in small areas, MouseFree prevents rodents from even entering your RV—no entrance, no invasion, no damage!

MouseFree is a solution containing high amounts of menthol that is applied to the undercarriage of your RV or motorhome. The liquid not only acts as a lubricant for moving parts, but it also creates a thin protective coating that rodents and insects cannot cross.

The scent of MouseFree comes from 100% natural essential oils and repels unwanted guests.

Did you know?

Damage caused by mice and rodents is one of the top five insurance claims for RVs. Rodents chew through wiring, the interior and through piping, resulting in costly damage repairs.

RV dealer

Trade ins accepted

Trade in your used car, truck, van, boat, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or motorcycle for a quality pre-owned trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome.

Read the following two testimonials from satisfied customers:

"First brand new trailer I have ever bought. You guys were great to deal with."—Darren Fortier

"Friendly and helpful service. Always there to answer question and help. Lots of good stuff in the parts department."—C.R. Hunt

Products and services offered:

  • Sales—new RVs and used RVs
  • Genuine RV parts and accessories in stock
  • Online vehicle finder
  • Online RV parts
  • Inventory—fifth wheels and motorhomes
  • Vehicle repairs and RV repairs professionally performed by auto mechanics and repair technicians
  • Solar power charging systems—150 watts
  • Storage
  • Generators
  • Financing

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Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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