Cornerstone Funeral Home in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Cornerstone Funeral Home Ltd

Cornerstone Funeral Home in Lethbridge, Alberta

The passing of a loved one is always difficult, but Cornerstone Funeral Home is here to compassionately guide you through the process.

Planning a funeral can be incredibly stressful. Cornerstone's experienced professionals are there to support you at every step, helping you to cope at a difficult time. They will assist you in planning a funeral that helps to cherish and celebrate the life of your loved one. They serve all religions and cultures. No matter what the circumstances or preferences, you can trust that they are able to adapt and assist.

Funeral pre-arrangements

Today, more and more people are arranging their funerals in advance. Planning ahead with pre-arrangements ensures that your final wishes will be honoured and that your family and friends are spared the anxiety, stress and expense of arranging a funeral during a grieving period. Cornerstone's qualified staff will offer their time and knowledge freely to explain in a simple and meaningful way the pre-arrangement alternatives and costs that are available. Your wishes are recorded and entered into our permanent files. At any time they can be modified or changed as your needs change. There is no charge for this service. Cornerstone Funeral Home Ltd. offers guaranteed, inflation-proof pre-arrangements in writing.

Cornerstone will honour the following pre-arrangements:

  • All pre-planned or prepaid transferred pre-arrangements
  • All Memorial Society members
  • All Burial Society members

Some of the options and benefits associated with pre-arrangements are the following:

  • Funds are placed in an insurance policy and once this has been completed, funeral costs are then frozen (price does not change), therefore avoiding cost increases affected by inflation.
  • Some families do require time to look after costs. Information can be provided on funding these costs using insurance. This special form of funding through insurance guarantees costs for the funeral arrangements and allows for payments over a period of time.
  • Should you have a pre-arrangement with another funeral home, or simply have your wishes recorded elsewhere, at Cornerstone Funeral Home Ltd. they can review this with you and help in the transfer of your pre-arrangement with no loss of funds. Your wishes will be looked after in a dignified and professional manner with a wide variety of pre-planning options.

Special services

At Cornerstone, they go beyond just the funeral service. Their compassionate staff can also help with your ongoing needs, such as coping with continuing grief and loss. Cornerstone is with you every step of the way.

In addition to standard services, Cornerstone also offers an After Care Program, which assists families with the multitude of forms to be completed following the funeral. There is even an e-mail service for expression of sympathy: [email protected]

Serving Lethbridge for more than 20 years

Over the last 20 years, we have been dedicated to our clients, and committed to providing exceptional service. Cornerstone Funeral Home Ltd. was the first funeral home in Southern Alberta to have all amenities under one roof.

As a way of acknowledging the loved one's anniversary and giving back to the community, Cornerstone offers complimentary Memorial Doves to all families that have lost a loved one. Since they opened Cornerstone Funeral Home Ltd., the company has given out over 20,000 doves to bereaved families of Southern Alberta.

Award-winning customer care

Cornerstone was honoured to win the Business of the Year Award in the professional/service category a few years back. They were also presented the Estelle Botfield Memorial Award for excellence in customer service, as well as being one of the finalists for the Provincial Award from the Chamber of Commerce. Cornerstone Funeral Home was also selected as finalist for the Better Business Bureau Award of Distinction, a province-wide event.

Being part of the community, providing excellent service at a fair price and sometimes just being a shoulder to lean on is what you can expect from Cornerstone Funeral Home Ltd.

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