KING ROCK PRODUCTS' clean & green rock quarry operation near Cranbrook, B.C.
Structural broken Rip Rap Armour & Flat Stackable Wall Rock stockpiles available.
Landscape screened Ground Cover Rock in clean green & rundle colours.
Elegant Ground Cover Landscapes reduce lawn sizes, conserving water & energy.
Decorative feature rocks, some with fossils, beautify natural yard sceneries.
Feature Rock Landscapes make attractive frontages for homes & businesses.
Edging Rocks portray interesting yard ideas, and reduce lawn sizes.
Rip Rap Armour Rock protects lakeside yard frontages with natural elegance.
Rock retaining walls stabilize slopes and provide water drainage around outdoor pools.
Large Feature Rocks magnify a great natural setting around outdoor fish ponds.

King Rock Products

King Rock Products is based in Cranbrook—southeastern British Columbia

King Rock Products, a division of Miller D. Holdings Ltd., is a 100% Canadian company, privately owned by Don Miller, President.

The King Rock quarry is located on private land, about 4 kilometers NW on King Street from downtown Cranbrook, B.C.

King Rock Products offers a wide variety of aggregate products and services to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and northwestern USA.

The quarry equipment includes various rock drills and explosive magazines to produce broken rock of all sizes. Large excavators and front end loaders sort, stockpile, and load-out rock products. An onsite weigh scale (90 ft.L/100 tonne capacity) ensures accurate product tonnages, and legal axle loads for all haul truck/trailer configurations; rock crushing and screening plants are periodically subcontracted to manufacture various rock products.

Product deliveries are provided upon request.

PRODUCTS: "If we don't have it, we'll find it for you"

Structural Rock

  • Rip-Rap Rock & Stackable Wall Rock
  • Retaining Wall Rock—flat, stackable & broken rock
  • Granular Backfill & Rubble Foundation Rock

All structural rock products are machine sorted to governed Engineered Standard sizes, and lab tested to ensure rock quality, durability, and metallurgical content for environmental approvals.

Large quantities are available for sizable construction projects, such as floodwater mitigation, bridge abutment armor, watershed restoration, slope stabilization, retaining walls, etc.

Rock Quality Assurance Test results can be provided upon request.

Landscape Rock

  • Ground cover rock
  • Feature rock or large signage rock
  • Stackable flat wall or stair rock
  • Decorative rock—some fossilized
  • Retaining wall rock
  • Round river rock

All products are clean, green and rundle coloured, broken or flats, sorted by sizes and shapes to accent your flower beds, stairways, pathways, gardens or backyards.

Smaller crushed and screened "ground cover rock" can be used to reduce lawn sizes or provide perimeters around trees and shrubs.

Larger feature rocks are ideal for displaying home addresses, and business signs, and can be displayed in sitting areas, water fountains and ponds.

Rock landscapes are environmentally friendly, conserving water and energy—"less work and more play"—providing four seasons of natural elegance.

Round river rock is also available in various sizes and clean colours for landscapes, ponds, fireplaces, etc.

Other Rock Products

  • Drain rock
  • Sand
  • Gravels

Drain rock is available in various sizes for water drainage systems, rubble foundations and/or subgrade road construction.

Sand products of various grades are available (bedding sand, masonry sand, rodeo arena sand, etc).

Crushed and screened gravels are available in various sizes for foundations, driveways, road construction and maintenance projects.



  • Project Management, Supervision, Estimates and Inspections—Don Miller and staff provide a wide range of experience and expertise in Road and Bridge construction, Drilling and Blasting, Landscaping, Forest Practices and other projects.
  • Project Consulting—Plans, Designs and Engineered Drawings.
  • Rock Drilling and Blasting—Certified Blasters, various rock drilling equipment, Licensed Explosive Storage Magazines, and Blasting Liability Insurance for Rural and Urban area projects.
  • Boulder Busting—Non-Explosive and Safe Guarded removal of unwanted rocks near homes, concrete basements, gas lines, power lines, etc. This is a very cost-effective and safe solution for removal of larger rocks or breaking down rock sizes for construction requirements.
  • Excavation and Construction of Roads/Bridges/Landscapes
  • Snow Removal—Winter snow plowing and snow removal.


(Design/Supply and/or Construct)

  • Rock retaining walls
  • Rock foundations
  • Rock drainage—water systems
  • Watershed restorations and flood damage mitigation
  • Rock landscapes
  • Rock features; water fountains and ponds; and flat rock stairs
  • Roads, bridges, driveways, basements and demolition
  • Rock drilling, blasting, and boulder busting
  • Snow plowing and snow removal

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