Kootenay Fluid Power has an extensive selection of hydraulic hoses.

Kootenay Fluid Power Ltd

Kootenay Fluid Power in Cranbrook specializes in hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses

Kootenay Fluid Power has any and every hose and fitting.

Whether you require a hose for residential, commercial or industrial projects, Kootenay Fluid Power is the hose centre.

Specializing in hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses

You can be assured to find the right accessory including hydraulic adapters, quick disconnects, and crimp and reusable ends.

What is a hydraulic hose?

A hydraulic hose provides a basic means for transporting fluid from one component to another.

Modern hydraulic hoses consist of three parts:

  1. An inner tube that carries the fluid
  2. A reinforcement layer
  3. A protective outer layer

Factors to consider when selecting the proper hose:

  • Size—measure the length and the inside and outside hose diameters exactly using a precision-engineered caliper
  • Temperature—hoses are rated with a maximum working temperature ranging from 200° to 300° F based on the fluid temperature
  • Applicationwill the selected hose meet bend radius requirements?
  • Materials—ensure the tube compound is compatible with the fluid used in the system
  • Pressure capabilities—hose working pressure must always be chosen so that it is greater than or equal to the maximum system pressure
  • Hose ends—the coupling-to-hose mechanical interface must be compatible with the hose selected
  • Delivery—How available is the product? Is it unique? How soon can it be delivered to the distributor or end user?

Did you know?

Most hydraulic hoses are compatible with petroleum-based oils. Biodegradable or green fluids may present a problem for some hoses.

Products and services offered:

  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Industrial hoses
  • Hose accessories—hydraulic adapters

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