Kootenay Lake Dental Clinic

Kootenay Lake Dental Clinic is a locally owned & operated Family Dentist Clinic providing quality, affordable dental care in Nelson & surrounding area.

Looking for skilled, affordable dentists in Nelson, B.C.? Kootenay Lake Dental offers this and more.

Their experienced team will give you the most comfortable and gentle dental care possible. They keep an upbeat atmosphere and make patients feel at ease while they receive quality treatments.

Services offered

Cosmetic dentistry

Be proud of your smile, and keep it as pristine as possible. With Kootenay Lake Dental's whitening and veneer services you can get your teeth back to pearly white in no time. That, combined with their clear aligners, will have your smile looking its best.

Dental hygiene and prevention

Prevent periodontal disease with a dental hygiene and prevention appointment. Hygiene and prevention services include scaling, polishing, flossing and oral hygiene instruction. Prevention should be your first defense against oral decay.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a revolutionary new technique to help keep your smile at its best. When a tooth is lost or damaged beyond repair it is important to get it replaced quickly to prevent the neighbouring teeth from collapsing into the vacant space. The procedure can help with speech, comfort, chewing, and overall oral health.

Dental restoration

Dental Restoration is the act of repairing and replacing damaged teeth. It comes in a variety of techniques.

Fillings can be implemented for decay. Once the decayed portion is removed, they replace the area with a filling material to help get your bite back to normal.

Crowns re-form the tooth if it has been damaged or is sensitive. They can also be employed to cap a dental implant, or to encase the tooth for cosmetic appeal, such as covering a severely misshaped or discoloured tooth.

Bridges fill gaps between teeth. It is important to get missing teeth replaced quickly otherwise the neighbouring teeth can shift and become displaced due to the missing support. A prosthetic bridge tooth is placed in between two crowns. Bridges come in a variety of materials and can last up to 30 years.

Inlays and onlays are used when only a portion of a tooth needs to be repaired. The damaged area is removed and replaced with a prosthetic copy. They are used when a tooth isn't damaged enough to require a crown.

Whether you need to fix your bite, treat a cavity, or prevent tooth decay, Kootenay Lake Dental has got you covered.

Dental X-rays

X-rays give an in-depth look at the status of your teeth that traditional assessment simply cannot, and enables the dentist to identify issues long before they become serious.

Hospital-based treatment

Kootenay Lake Dental Clinic offers a comfortable, well-supplied office, but for those who are unable to attend, they can also arrange treatment to be followed up at Kootenay Lake Hospital.

Oral sedation

Oral sedation can help ease you through some of the more complex surgeries offered at Kootenay Lake Dental. Their fully certified staff are trained to provide patients with relaxing medication, ideal for those who would otherwise be unable to get the care they need due to anxiety.

Pediatric dentistry

At Kootenay Lake Dental, they have a room specially designed to keep things comfortable for children. They also have a toy tower to reward your child for their help and good work at the dentist!

Removable prosthetics

Removable prosthetics are dentures which can be removed or replaced by a patient at their own convenience. They are designed to secure into place but also to be easily removed when needed. Each prosthetic is formed and fitted to perfectly fit the individual patient.

Root canal therapy

A root canal relieves pain. Contrary to popular belief, the procedure can be relatively quick and painless, which will put a stop to, and prevent, any future irritation. Your comfort is the utmost priority. A root canal is the process of cleaning out inflamed pulp and abscesses from within and underneath a decayed tooth.

Sports mouth guards

You work hard to keep your teeth at their best. Prevent unnecessary unforeseen damage by safeguarding against accidents with a tailor-made mouth guard from Kootenay Lake Dental.

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