Victoria Car Wash in Cranbrook specializes in water refills for all bottle sizes. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week—convenient and on-demand
Victoria Car Wash in Cranbrook offers premium purified water
Victoria Car Wash is located at 1200 Cranbrook Street North in Cranbrook.
Drive up and fill up your water jugs at Victoria Car Wash—water refills for all sizes.

Victoria Car Wash

Victoria Car Wash in Cranbrook specializes in water refills & water dispensing for all bottle sizes

Victoria Car Wash's water service is purified via reverse osmosis and ultra violet light.

Just drive up to the Victoria Avenue Car & Pet Wash and enjoy purified water.

Fill up your water jugs any time—Victoria Car Wash's water dispensing station is always open.

Products and services offered:

  • Drive up and refill your water jugs—all sizes
  • $2 for a gallon jug refill
  • 24/7 self-serve
  • Purified water by reverse osmosis and ultra violet light
  • Water Dispensing
  • Water Refill Dispensing

2 Reviews

Donald Drumph
Nov 20, 2016

Bigly, this is the yugeest, bigly-est service ever, everyone tells me so.

Alf Simpson
Nov 20, 2016

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    1200 Cranbrook St N Cranbrook V1C3S5

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Victoria Car Wash

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Water dispensory service available 24/7