OU Tasting House has an excellent selection of cooking oils.
OU Tasting House in Kimberley lets you taste the oils and vinegars before you buy.
Come to OU tasting house and see the oils and vinegars on display.
OU Tasting House has a variety of flavoured cooking oils.
OU Tasting house also displays spices, rubs and everything you need to make every meal delightful.
OU Tasting is inviting in every way, come in and taste today.

Olives Unstuffed

OU Tasting House in Kimberley welcomes you to come Taste the finest Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars

Welcome to one of the Kootenay’s newest and most unique businesses. Kimberley’s OU Tasting House—that is, Olives Unstuffed Tasting House—is now open and welcoming customers.

The OU Tasting House is a new store in Kimberley’s Platz. It is a food lover’s paradise featuring a huge variety of vinegars and olive oilsproducts that are not readily available anywhere else in the Kootenays.

OU Tasting House is tapping into one of the fastest growing trends in food purveying by offering a wide variety of specialty olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Savour the experience at the Kootenay’s newest “foodie” destination. Be sure to check in regularly for more new and exciting products.

Here are some unique features of the OU Tasting House:

  • Taste and sample before you buy.
  • Featuring only the highest quality olive oils, cold pressed from green olives.
  • The history of each batch of oil and date it was pressed.
  • Highest quality white and dark balsamics (vinegars)—an amazing variety of flavours like lemon and raspberry.
  • Recipes and ideas on how to use.
  • Over 16 flavours of balsamics, 13 flavoured, three plain extra virgin olive oils, and more to be arriving soon—all in three convenient sizes: 60 mil; 200 mil and 375 mil.
  • Flavours ranging from very mild to very robust.
  • The OU Tasting House offers a wide range of gift ideas, gift baskets, eg. 6 bottle gift packages—in combination or pick your own flavours.
  • Watch for future OU Tasting House tasting events, restaurant partnerships, taste-of-the-month club featuring one vinegar and one olive oil.
  • Also watch for additional spices, rubs and peppercorns arriving soon
  • Sea Salt direct from Sooke, B.C.
  • Meat Rubs by Metro Chef—gluten free available.

OU Tasting House looks forward to welcoming Kimberley and Cranbrook residents, customers from throughout the East and West Kootenay, and the store is sure to become a must stop for visitors from near and far to Kimberley as well.

Owned and operated by Nancy Gibson, since November 2016

2 Reviews

Donald Drumph
Nov 20, 2016

Bigly, this is the yugeest, bigly-est service ever, everyone tells me so.

Alf Simpson
Nov 20, 2016

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