The Yellow Bin program accepts cardboard, cans, mixed paper and plastic jugs.
The RDEK accepts all household plastics # 1 - # 6.
The RDEK encourages everyone to recycle—preserve our environment.
The RDEK informs residents on paint disposal.
The RDEK provides yellow bins for recycling.

Regional District of East Kootenay

Think yellow when recycling in the Regional District of East Kootenay

The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) is a local government dedicated to providing quality service to our residents and property owners. We work together as a partnership of municipalities and electoral (rural) areas to provide and coordinate services.

We take great pride in:

  • Providing over 100 different services
  • Protecting the health and safety of citizens
  • Protecting the environment

Some of the services we provide include: land use planning, water supply, sewage disposal, fire protection, recreation, mosquito control, street lighting, community parks, emergency management programs, solid waste and recycling, transit, 9-1-1, library grants, regional parks, and invasive plant control.

Recycling in the RDEK

The Regional District of East Kootenay yellow bin recycling program has over 600 yellow-coloured recycling bins for the collection of mixed recyclables. These bins are open to the public to use at any time.

Each year, the RDEK collects the equivalent of over 3,000 dump truck loads of recyclables through the yellow bins alone.

The yellow bin program accepts cardboard, tin and aluminum cans, mixed paper (including newspaper and magazines) and plastic milk jugs (no cartons).

Please make sure tin and aluminum cans and milk jugs are rinsed and cardboard boxes are flattened. If cardboard has grease or food waste (pizza boxes), it goes in the garbage. Milk cartons are NOT accepted in the yellow bins; however, they can be taken to the Multi-Material BC (MMBC) Recycling area located at the back of the Cranbrook Bottle Depot lot. The MMBC Recycling area also accepts Styrofoam and tin/aluminum foil products (pie plates, roasters), which are not accepted in the yellow bins.

Reminder: All yellow bins located across the Regional District are open to the public to use.

Household plastics
Grocery bags (even if they have no number) and household plastics # 1 to 6 are accepted in the yellow bins located throughout the region. Look for the number inside the recycling symbol on the bottom or side of your container. If it’s a # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, it will be accepted.

Plastic is extremely sensitive to contamination; ensure your plastics are well rinsed. # 7 plastics are NOT accepted. No Styrofoam (even though it is marked with a # 6) and no plastics without a number. The only place that Styrofoam can be recycled in the East Kootenay is at the Cranbrook Bottle Depot in the MMBC recycling area.

Glass recycling
Glass can be recycled in the yellow bins marked GLASS ONLY. When disposing of glass, make sure to rinse out your container and remove the lid. Only food grade glass should be placed in the bin (for example: salsa, pickle or jam jars and beverage or olive oil bottles). No light bulbs, candle holders, window glass or dishes. Glass is also accepted at the MMBC recycling area at the Cranbrook Bottle Depot. For the location of a glass recycling bin near you, contact the RDEK.

There are a number of Provincial stewardship programs in the East Kootenay (most with their depot in Cranbrook) that accept hundreds of items including electronics, small appliances, smoke detectors, paint, used gasoline, small power tools, batteries, cell phones, used oil, antifreeze, and more.

For more information on recycling in your area or these Provincial Stewardship programs, contact the RDEK at 250-489-2791 or 1-888-478-7335 or visit and click on recycling.

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