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Sawa Custom Pools: Hot tub and swimming pool services in Lethbridge and area

Sawa Custom Pools in Picture Butte, Alberta, has been in business serving Lethbridge and area since April of 2012. Owner Glen Sawa has been in the pool and hot tub industry for nearly 20 years, giving him a range of skills and expertise. The company focuses mainly on the construction, service and maintenance of residential pools and hot tubs, however they have experience with public/semi-public pools, so they also offer chemicals and service to hotels, condominium complexes, fitness centres, and other such clientele.

Products and services that Sawa Custom Pools offers

You can count on the experts at Sawa Custom Pools to help you find the perfect swimming pool or hot tub to suit your needs. In addition to selling new pools/tubs, they will also deliver it to your location and install it.

The pools they most commonly build are steel wall, vinyl-lined, in-ground pools. They also build Radiant pools in-ground and above-ground, as well as Vogue and Swim ā€˜Nā€™ Play above-ground pools.

The team at Sawa Custom Pools takes on the construction of new pools at residential, commercial, public and semi-public venues. They specialize in building saunas and gazebos, offering the experience and quality workmanship it takes to satisfy the most discerning customer.

In addition, the Sawa team handles service repairs, parts supply/replacement, and maintenance for all types of swimming pools and hot tubs. They have a wealth of knowledge on water care, offer testing, and can find you the right chemical products to keep your pool or hot tub in great shape for your next soak.

About Sawa Custom Pools Ltd.

Sawa Custom Pools Ltd. is a small Southern Albertan company that provides services in Lethbridge and surrounding area. With almost 20 years of experience, owner Glen Sawa has the necessary knowledge base in the building process suitable for our region and climate. Sawa pools are built with the highest quality and craftsmanship, and the staff takes pride and care in the products they use.

"We do not 'cut corners' where other companies have to reduce their costs in the building process and/or reduce the installation time."

- Glen Sawa, owner

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