Non-fractured round washed rocks are available through Scenic Drive Landscape Centre.
Scenic Drive Landscape Centre specializes in rock, sand and gravel.
Non-fractured round washed rocks are offered at Scenic Drive Landscape Centre.
Raised flower beds, retaining walls and stone features—Scenic Drive Landscape Centre.
Bagged product is available in Wonder Tote bags through Scenic Drive Landscape Centre.

Scenic Drive Landscape Centre

Scenic Drive Landscape Centre in Lethbridge offers gravel, sand, soil and landscape supplies

Scenic Drive Landscape Centre specializes in sand, gravel and stone in all sizes, decorative rock, flagstone, as well as top soil, garden mix and an assortment of mulch.

Types of soil and mulch include:

  • Garden mix—mix of 50% topsoil, 25% peat moss and 25% compost
  • Bark nuggets—100% biodegradable, used for ground cover and planters
  • Acreage bark—100% biodegradable, used for ground cover
  • Shredded bark—100% biodegradable, used for raised planters, perennial beds and ground cover
  • Black mulch—used for ground cover to prevent weed growth, perfect for raised planters, and perennial beds


Non-fractured round washed rocks are an average size of 1/2 inch (10mm), off-white and tan coloured and are commonly used for dog runs, walkways, drainage, weeping tile and basic ground cover.

Types of aggregates offered:

  • Round rock—sizes range from 10mm to 20mm to 40mm
  • Crushed rock—20mm—used as compactable base material for driveways, paving stones, retaining walls, fence posts and some backfilling applications
  • Washed rock—20mm—used for drainage, weeping tile and basic ground cover
  • Concrete sand—used in cement mixes for concrete and as a joint filling material for paving stones
  • Mortar sand—used as a bedding sand for paving stones, sidewalk blocks and retaining walls
  • Rip rap—1 inch to 4 inches—used for landscape beds, ponds, streams, dry creek beds and window wells
  • Armour gravel—great for landscape planters and features; good for dry river bed applications
  • Boulders


If you are looking to add some raised flower beds, tree rings, retaining walls, patios, fire pits or any other stone features you can think of, Scenic Drive Landscape Centre has you covered.

Decorative rocks offered:

  • Rundle rock—20mm and 40mm—dark grey and charcoal in colour, used for decorative landscaping, tree and shrub beds, window wells and some aquarium applications
  • Limestone—20mm and 40mm—soft , angular, light grey rock used for decorative landscape beds
  • Red shale—bright orange in color, ranging from 3/8 inch in size and smaller, used for decorative landscape beds, pathways and driveways

Landscape products offered:

  • Full line of sand, gravel and stone in all sizes
  • Decorative blocks and rocks
  • Patio stones and slabs
  • Natural stone
  • Stone veneer
  • Soil and mulch
  • Bagged masonry materials
  • Bulk productsaggregates, soil, mulch and decorative stones
  • Bagged productsWonder Tote, Stone Veneer Mortar, Concrete Mix and GU Type 10 Cement
  • Hardscapes—patio slabs, pavers, garden walls and retaining walls

Services offered:

  • Sales—gravel, sand, soil, precast concrete, masonry and landscape
  • Delivery
  • Pickup

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Donald Drumph
Nov 20, 2016

Bigly, this is the yugeest, bigly-est service ever, everyone tells me so.

Alf Simpson
Nov 20, 2016

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