Meet Denys Scully, owner of Scully Consulting—empower your life and those around you.

Scully Consulting

Scully Consulting in Cranbrook offers leadership development, coaching and counselling

Scully Consulting offers coaching sessions to improve your quality of life.

What is life and career coaching?

These types of coaching equip people to navigate the questions, confusions, frustrations and possibilities of life and career so they can live and work as optimally and purposefully as possible.

Owner of Scully Consulting, Denys Scully combines a number of unique attributes and seeks to equip people to optimize their lives for meaningful living and purposeful service.

Personal development

"In today’s individualistic, conflicted, fractured and increasingly rootless society, many have no one to help them develop the attitudes, behaviours, knowledge and skills to navigate and succeed in personal life, relationships and/or career. That's where I come in," said Scully.

Business relations

If you are interested in improving workplace team dynamics and solving internal staffing issues, contact Scully Consulting today to find out how.

Companies do not have to settle with low performance or internal conflict while employees passively grind away in a dissatisfying workplace. Learn how to hire the right candidates for each job.

"I seek to help organizations meet their objectives by optimizing their most valuable resource—their staff. Using proven and inexpensive assessment tools and collaborative processes, I help improve staff performance, teamwork and productivity," said Scully.

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Denys Scully, B.A., M.A.

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Institute for Credible Leadership Development (a division of the International Academy for Public Safety) Denys Scully

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Consulting Resource Group Denys Scully

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