Sierra Stone offers indoor and outdoor multi-surface solutions.
Sierra Stone offers pour in place rubber stone.
Sierra Stone has been laying stone for over 30 years.
Sierra Stone offers indoor and outdoor multi-surface solutions.
Sierra Stone uses natural stone and a two-part epoxy blend.
Sierra Stone offers pour in place rubber stone.
Sierra Stone has been laying stone for over 30 years.

Sierra Stone

Sierra Stone offers Rubber Stone and other multi-surface solutions in Cranbrook, B.C.

Sierra Stone, located in Cranbrook, British Columbia, delivers indoor and outdoor multi-surface solutions for driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, decks, pool decks, steps, home interiors, retail spaces, showrooms, entrances, corporate offices and recreation facilities. Sierra Stone can make your showroom sparkle, adds instant beauty indoors or outside, and provides an ideal flooring solution. Water will not damage any of their products!

Rubber Stone and Rubber Stone mats

Beauty and function come together in a rubber overlay designed to minimize the impact of steady activity. Whether you want to create a beautiful space or you’re simply looking to add a safer surface in areas prone to slippery conditions, Rubber Stone is flexible enough to meet your needs. Made of the highest quality recycled and EPDM rubber and a strong polyurethane binding agent, it is not only a durable option, but a beautiful and versatile option for covering interior and exterior concrete, asphalt, tile, wood, and more.

Rubber Stone is manufactured using strong, high-quality materials, making it a smart choice for a range of extreme weather conditions. With a high-traction surface designed to withstand heavy traffic, Rubber Stone is safe, long-lasting solution.

Rubber Stone covers cracked, pitted, shaled, and deteriorated surfaces more effectively than other resurfacing products. With a variety of colours to choose from, you get the decorative elements you want without compromising the durability you need. Rubber Stone can be installed horizontally or vertically on a variety of surfaces, giving you true flexibility in how you choose to improve your space.

  • Improved safety
    Softer to the touch and skid-resistant, Rubber Stone & Rubber Stone Mats absorb impact and provides a cushioning effect.
  • Increased property value
    Rubber Stone is a relatively thin overlay that increases the curb appeal and function of your property.
  • Recycled & EPDM Rubber
    Made of the highest quality recycled and synthetic rubbers, you get a durable product that will enhance your space for years.
  • Residential & Commercial Applications
    Provides quick coverage for a variety of surfaces in your home or business settings.
  • Suitable for Interiors & Exteriors
    Cover cracked surfaces inside or outdoors with durable, versatile, and decorative overlay or mats.
  • Simple & Affordable Maintenance
    Regular pressure washing and a top coat re-roll every 3-5 years is all that is required to keep your Rubber Stone looking new.

Sierra Stone

Sierra Stone, what started it all 30 years ago! High-quality, long-lasting, beautiful stone.

Ideal for showrooms, lobbies, walkways, driveways, basements and more.

Ever had water in your basement? If your basement ever floods, just suck up the water and your flooring is good to go! With the many colour choices you can pick and choose, (the mini pearl looks just like plush carpet), you can also incorporate in-floor heating. It even cleans up just like carpet, with a vacuum!

Enduraflake/Epoxy floors

Enduraflake is a perfect choice to bring that garage back to life! Chemical-resistant and easy to clean, it actually hardens the concrete to provide a long lasting, beautiful covering.

Driveways and pools

Kids running around the pool? Make the surface non-slippery and just a little bit softer for everyone.

There are many colours to choose from, and they can include in-depth markers and no-diving signs to keep everyone safe. Plus, if you do happen to fall on the rubber, it will probably hurt less than falling on concrete!

If your driveway is cracking and you think there is no solution, Rubber Stone can fix that up too. The durability of the recycled tires makes it a great product for covering your driveway.

Stairs and entryways

Rubber Stone and Sierra Stone are both excellent choices to revitalize your home's entrance.

While both products have great traction and are resistant to salt, Rubber Stone takes it one step further by actually resisting the ice build-up in winter. In addition, the flexibility of the product allows it to flex and move with the ground. Rubber Stone is so flexible that it can be poured over packed dirt and will adhere to wood, tile, or concrete.

If you have good concrete, Sierra Stone is beautiful. The individual stones are suspended in the epoxy, which showcases the natural colours of the stone.

Both products can make your home stand out - choose any variety of borders, designs or logos.

Decks and patios

Depending on your project, both Stone or Rubber are an option for your deck or patio.

The Rubber Stone flexes and moves with wood so it wont crack on your wood deck. The Rubber Stone is also a bit of an insulator, this means that even in the direct sun light it doesn't get as hot as some other alternative coverings. Don't believe us? Feel your car tires next time you park in the sun!

The beauty of the Sierra Stone makes it a great alternative for coverings on concrete patios where cracking isn't an issue. The natural colours in the stone can match any decor, too.

Commercial and indoor

For commercial and indoor projects, both Stone or Rubber are an option and can even be used together to create amazing designs and logos. They also carry metallic and flake epoxy floorings for those large, high-traffic areas.

All the products stand up very well and will take a lot of abuse, even from road salt and mud. While all can be driven on, Rubber Stone will take the most abuse from high-traffic areas.

Customize with your store logo - customers will be impressed, and remember your store!

What customers say about Sierra Stone:

"We have been very happy with the workmanship and the excellent product that Sierra Stone has provided. It was always easy to contact Mark Sanderson through email and he was always available to answer any of our questions or concerns. The compliments just keep coming in—both the mail carrier and the paper delivery person find it excellent to walk on in the winter."

- Don and Linda Miller, Cranbrook, British Columbia

"Sierra Stone transformed a sadly deteriorating concrete stairway, retaining walls and raised concrete garden into a wonderful entrance and patio area. We used to spend all our time on our deck; now we spend it all in the revitalized patio area. My one concern—shoveling snow—has proven to be a non-issue. We truly love the result."

- Gwen and Keith, Cranbrook, British Columbia

Advantages of a multi-surface solution:

  • Existing hard surfaces do not have to be removed
  • Distinctive appearance
  • Prohibits mildew growth
  • Stain-resistant
  • Excellent traction—non-slip
  • Resistant to potential damage from pets
  • Non-allergenic and porous
  • Incredible durability in high-traffic areas
  • Short installation time
  • Cost-effective
  • Variety of colours
  • Design flexibility—borders and artistic graphics
  • Repairable

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Sierra Stone offers a three-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. For more information, call 250-919-2956 or visit the website for online inquiries.

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