Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare—1475 St. Edward Boulevard North in Lethbridge.
Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare provides a complete home healthcare division.
Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare offers traditional pharmacy products and services.
Give your pet custom-fit medication solutions at Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare.

Stafford Pharmacy & Homecare

Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare in Lethbridge offers compounding medications

Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare is a privately owned and operated Canadian company offering traditional pharmacy products and services in addition to complementary medicines and a complete home healthcare division.


What is compounding?

Compounding is a way for physicians or other healthcare professionals (including veterinarians) to order custom medications for their patients.

3 reasons we need compounding medications:

  1. The dosage and formulation required by the patient are not available commercially
  2. The medication is not available in the correct form and needs to be converted to one of the following: capsules, oral liquid, topical cream or gel, or suppository
  3. The commercially available formulation may not be in a form appropriate for an animal
The No. 1 focus is your health, whether that means filling your prescriptions, providing you the medication counselling to help you get the most from your medication therapy or maybe some additional attention from the professional staff.

The qualified pharmacists will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your medication therapy, and working with your physician, make certain your drug therapy achieves the intended goals.

The pharmacists are here to help you with information and to help you make the best decision.

Home healthcare supplies

Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare specializes in stocking and sourcing the not-so-common items while carrying an extensive line of brand name as well as private label products.

Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare—achieving the best health outcomes!

Did you know?

Is the patient a companion animal—dog, cat, ferret, hamster, bird or iguana—requiring medication?

The team at Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare have the experience, resources and knowledge to prepare medications customized for your pet, too.

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