David Lester—Sun Life Financial—build your savings, turn your savings into income.
David Lester—Certified Financial Planner—Sun Life Financial.
Sun Life Financial is located at 305 Kootenay Street North in Cranbrook.

Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Financial in Cranbrook offers financial planning—life insurance, health insurance and investments

Sun Life Financial offers solutions—both to individuals and businesses—to help build lifetime financial security through options including life insurance, health insurance and investment strategies.

David Lester is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with Sun Life Financial in Cranbrook

David Lester, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with Sun Life Financial, provides you with a complete written financial plan.

As a CFP, David Lester identifies opportunities and helps you make informed choices by assessing your current situation, setting achievable financial goals, developing a realistic plan, implementing your plan into action and monitoring and updating your plan as required.

Retirement planning

Specializing in retirement income planning, David Lester can help you convert your investments into tax-efficient income—preserve your estate and protect your assets; minimize the clawback of Old Age Security (OAS) and other government benefits.

David Lester will help you achieve your financial goals

Based on your needs, David Lester will help you make informed financial choices to build your savings and protect what you save against unexpected events and to prepare financially for the future.

David Lester will work closely with you to entirely understand your specific situation and goals.

Sun Life Financial provides its clients with quality service and products that meet their needs while building relationships that help develop bright financial futures.

Read the following testimony from this satisfied client:

"David Lester has been my financial advisor for 15 years. David has continued to provide me with excellent, professional advice enabling me to obtain positive gains even through the stock market crash of 2009-2010. David is also very easy to work with. He looks at how to live a good life today as well as how best to invest in the future. I would highly recommend David to anyone that is looking for a solid investment advisor."Murray S., Cranbrook, B.C.

Money for life—Sun Life Financial.

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