Bighorn Helicopters Inc


Bighorn Helicopters provides diverse aircraft support in Western and Central Canada via base locations in Alberta and B.C.

One of Bighorn Helicopters' outstanding attributes is the Wildlife Management Program of surveys, capture, re-location and control of a vast variety of species.

Bighorn Helicopters is privately owned and operated

Aircraft fleet types include:

  • B206B
  • AS350B2, SD2, B3
  • H500D
  • BK117, twin engine, passenger seat or medivac equipped
  • Cessna 305A

Services offered:

  • Fully serviced charter helicopter flight centre
  • 29+ years aviation industry experience—qualified operator
  • Friendly, qualified, capable and experienced personnel
  • Professional team of pilots, engineers, management and support staff
  • Seven light and intermediate category utility, executive-comfort helicopters
  • One twin-engine heavy intermediate helicopter equipped with a convertible interior
  • Diverse charter operation as per the “charter services” and “wildlife management” links
  • Specializing in mountain flying, rescue and remote area flying
  • One single engine fixed wing aircraft equipped for survey flying
  • Goals: safety and customer satisfaction
  • Company-wide Enhanced Web-based Safety Program
  • Company-wide Quality Assurance Program
Kootenay Business Awards

11-year Platinum Best of Business award winner for Helicopter Service in Kootenay Business magazine


1817 Theatre Rd Cranbrook V1C7G3<br>PO Box 220 Cranbrook V1C4H7

White and blue helicopter landed on grass

Bighorn Helicopters—mountain flying, rescue and remote area flying.

White helicopter landed on grass

Bighorn Helicopters employ pilots, engineers and management.

White and blue helicopter in flight

Bighorn Helicopters has 25+ years aviation industry experience.

Blue helicopter landed on grass

Bighorn Helicopters provides helicopter support in Western Canada.

Blue and white helicopter on grass with mountains in the background

A Bighorn Helicopters Astar aircraft on location providing fire protection support; one of many types of flying Bighorn provides.