Harrop-Procter Forest Products

Harrop-Procter Forest Products harvests trees in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner

Developing a new approach to forestry in British Columbia is a prime focus for Harrop-Procter Forest Products when harvesting western red cedar, Douglas fir, western larch, lodgepole pine and white pine trees.

Harrop-Procter Forest Products practices sustainability when harvesting trees.

With its 11,300-hectare forest licence, Harrop-Procter Forest Products holds one of the most promising keys to developing an industry that is both environmentally sustainable and beneficial to the economic health of our communities.

Harrop-Procter Forest Products specializes in rough-sawn lumber, panelling, flooring, decking, siding, timbers and fencing.

Specialty milling and remanufacturing can be provided upon request at Harrop-Procter Forest Products.

The community forest of Harrop-Procter Forest Products is developed according to the ecosystem-based planning principles designed by the Silva Forest Foundation.

Seeking to improve forestry practices—Harrop-Procter Forest Products.

Did you know?

Harrop-Procter Community Forest employs an ecosystem-based plan and approach to forest management.

Shop local and shop green with Harrop-Procter Community Forest.

Tree species available for:

  • Panelingwestern red cedar, white pine, Douglas fir
  • FlooringDouglas fir, western larch
  • Decking—western red cedar
  • Siding—western red cedar, Douglas fir
  • Trim—Douglas fir
  • Timbers—Douglas fir, western larch, western red cedar
  • Fencingwestern red cedar, Douglas fir, western larch
  • Rough-sawn and surfaced lumber—western red cedar, Douglas fir, western larch, lodgepole pine, white pine

Services offered:

Hours of operation

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Saturday (seasonal) May - October 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Closed Sunday

First year in business



1 Km from Harrop Ferry 726 Ogilvie Rd Harrop

man standing outside next to high piles of horizontally cut wood

Harrop-Procter Forest Products specializes in paneling, flooring and decking.

Piles of cedar posts

Harrop-Procter Forest Products—shop local and shop green.

forklift onsite at a mill moving piles of lumber to different ends of the yard

Harrop-Procter Forest Products specializes in rough-sawn lumber.

Semi hauling logs down the highway

Specialty milling and remanufacturing—Harrop-Procter Forest Products.