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Kan-West Roads is the company to call for dust control, road services and water hauling in the Kootenays. We take on jobs of all sizes, working on driveways, parking lots, industrial roads and yards, landfills, lumber yards, mining areas, logging roads, RV parks and golf courses.

We offer delivery and application of water and dust control products—showing up equipped with the latest technology to meet your suppression, environmental and safety needs. Our dust suppression grants maximum durability at an affordable cost. With more than 25 years of experience, we are confident that we can keep our customers happy.

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What are the benefits of dust control?

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If you hire us for dust control in the West Kootenay, you’ll be pleased to know there are several benefits.

Dust control can:

  • Reduce complaints from customers, employees and the public
  • Lessen the risk of dust-related human respiratory health problems
  • Improve driving experience, reducing vehicle accidents due to poor visibility
  • Reduce unpaved road maintenance costs by reducing frequency of grading
  • Decrease the loss of fine-grained surface material and aggregate, therefore lowering re-graveling costs
  • Benefit the environment by preventing dust particles from entering waterways
  • Increases structural stability of roads by creating a hardened road surface and stronger base.

In addition, when chlorides are used, they reduce frost heaving caused by freeze-thaw cycles. This can greatly minimize spring and fall maintenance costs.

What products are used for dust control in the West Kootenay?


We use a number of products for dust control, including:

  • Calcium chloride (CaCl2): Calcium chloride is our most commonly used product for multiple reasons. This odourless, colourless brine solution is used as a cost-effective dust suppressant and road stabilizer. CaCl2 is a hygroscopic solution that aids in retaining moisture, therefore significantly reducing dust. It acts as a binder that holds fine particles and aggregate together, resulting in a hard, compact surface. A beneficial residual effect accumulates with consistent application year after year. Calcium is one of the most environmentally friendly dust control agents on the market.

  • Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2): Magnesium chloride is nearly identical to calcium chloride. Their benefits, composition and properties mirror each other. MgCl2 is also a hygroscopic solution; it attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation, binding fine dust and aggregate to keep surfaces stable and dust-free.

  • Lignosulfonate (Ligno): Ligno is a naturally occurring polymer found in wood and works by binding the road surface aggregate together. As it is applied, the water evaporates from the concentrate, leaving the dust particles trapped by the high viscosity, natural sticky material. Ligno is our go-to product for aggregate that has higher concentrations of clay and sand. It is non-corrosive and non-toxic, making it environmentally safe for sensitive areas. Ligno is not harmful to plants, animals or aquatic life when processed and applied correctly. In the early stages of application, ligno is more weather-sensitive than our chloride products. However, once it sets it becomes very weather-resistant. Over time some of the lignosulfonates will become insoluble due to solar heating, thus creating a lasting product.

  • Kan-West custom blends: Depending on your road base, our custom-blended solutions can provide effective results for any type of aggregate. These products are formulated blends of the previously mentioned materials. The combination of products at different concentration rates increases their individual strengths and lengthens their staying power. These blends are designed to address the specific needs of unique situations.

What can Kan-West Roads offer in terms of water hauling in the West Kootenay?


If you need water hauled to a commercial site, event venue or residence, we can help out.

We are armed with fully-equipped trucks, tanks and hoses—all certified for hauling potable water. We can be available whenever our customers need us, and we’re willing to travel throughout the East and West Kootenay to provide our services.

Along with Kan-West’s road services in the West Kootenay, why is road stabilization important?

Our goal in road stabilization is to lower soil compressibility and strengthen the materials by waterproofing the soil particles or binding them together (sometimes both). Chemical additives and physical processes can make the soil denser, which means less weakening and cracks in the pavement.

Road and parking lot grading/stabilization also reduces erosion and dust, and can improve the efficiency of worksites by making transport easier.

What are some of the steps involved in road stabilization?

While the procedure can vary depending on the situation, most road stabilization jobs include:

  • Testing the soil
  • Prepping the site
  • Applying additives dry or in a spray form
  • Mixing the additives promptly into the soil until well combined
  • Compacting the soil to make a smooth surface and increase density
  • Curing for approximately one week

What payment options are Kan-West Roads accepting?

Cheque, cash, e-transfer, direct deposit

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