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Kokanee Powder Coating in Crescent Valley offers protective coatings for aluminum and steel

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a dry powder. It is applied electrostatically and then is cured under heat to form a skin-like layer that is stronger than conventional paint.

Powder coating is the most reliable choice for outdoor rust prevention and an overall quality finish. The finish is baked on and does not use solvents of any kind.

Unlimited colour options are available to produce a beautiful and durable finish.

Powder coating is a three-part process:

  1. Pretreat or prepare the product by sandblasting, wire wheel cleaning and sanding
  2. Powder application
  3. Cure time in the oven for the powder to adhere to the product

Kokanee Powder Coating uses an environmentally friendly process to heat and cure free-flowing powder—no toxins are emitted in the air or on the ground.

A non-toxic powder is used—no fumes are released into the atmosphere. There are no solvents or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in powder coating—there is no damage to the environment during application. The waste is also not hazardous and can be disposed of in a landfill.

What can be powder-coated?

Almost anything made of metal—aluminum or steel—can be powder-coated with a tough layer of protection.

Read the following testimonials from satisfied clients:

"I have worked with Don McTaggart since Kokanee Powder Coating opened its doors. With Don's help, I have been able to finish all kinds of custom projects—from huge box signs to the tiny parts that make up a locking mechanism. Each time I get Don involved, I know that the final product will look great, it will be ready on time and the coating offers a long-term finish on any of my metal products. It has been great to have Kokanee Powder Coating and Don in my community!"—James Karthein, owner of Ridgeline Metal Works, Krestova, B.C.

"Over the last four years, I have been partnering with Don McTaggart at Kokanee Powder Coating in Crescent Valley for many different powder coating needs. Some of these include aged, steel exterior paint matching/application, new steel paint matching/application on small hangers/channeling and clear coating on wrought iron art. Each time he has provided us with excellent workmanship in a timely manner with a kind and professional attitude. Whenever someone mentions they need powder coating, I always mention Don and do so with a strong recommendation."—Christa McDiarmid, Shambahla Music Festival

"We love Don McTaggart's work at Kokanee Powder Coating. We've brought him some pretty rough pieces (an old radiator and rusted-out aluminum slides, just to name a few), and every time he brings them back to life looking better than we had hoped for! We highly recommend his work; Don is very easy going and friendly to work with.
Top-quality products and job are delivered every time—five-star service!"—Elon and Marika Melville

Metal parts that can be powder-coated include:

  • Automotive parts
  • Motorcycle parts
  • Snowmobile parts
  • Industrial parts
  • Railings and gates
  • Ornamental pieces of artwork
  • Signs
  • Furnishings—indoor and outdoor
  • Wheels
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red powder coating on a metal sign that reads bridgebay

Exterior signs can be professionally powder coated by Kokanee Powder Coating.

a metal horse with white and brown protective coating for a child to sit on and ride

Don't let rust prevent the kids from enjoying toys—call Kokanee Powder Coating today.

blue coloured metal protective coating on a metal a bracket tool

Aluminum is protected by industrial-strength powder coating by Kokanee Powder Coating.

blue coloured protective metal coating on an industrial angled bracket

Steel is protected by industrial-strength powder coating by Kokanee Powder Coating.

black metal railings with a protective coating

Top-quality powder-coated finish on railings are done by Kokanee Powder Coating.

orange and black motorcycle with protective metal coating

Kokanee Powder Coating ensures the best protection for metal on motorcycles.

black and pink snowmobile with protective metal coating

Kokanee Powder Coating specializes in snowmobile restorations.

cast iron decor

Powder coating by Kokanee Powder Coating is a reliable choice for outdoor rust prevention.

applied research and innovation centre with the exterior of the windows being powder coated

Protect commercial building exteriors with powder coating by Kokanee Powder Coating.

powder coated wheel rims in green and silver with brass on the center

Powder-coated vehicle rims restored by Kokanee Powder Coating.