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Trust our affordable HVAC professionals and electricians in Trail, B.C.

When you need an electrician, don’t settle for just anybody. Your safety is at stake, so it’s imperative that the work is done correctly by skilled electrical contractors.

Likewise, if you find yourself with a broken furnace or in need of a new heating or cooling system, it’s critical to choose a qualified HVAC expert to deal with it.

That’s where we come in! Power Tech Electric Ltd. is a family-owned and -operated business that has served the residential, commercial and industrial sectors for more than 35 years. We have the expertise, resources and creativity to execute a wide variety of projects on a timeline that works for you. We are available 24 hours a day to help our valued customers.

There are four core values at Power Tech: safety, respect, dedication and customer service, and we excel in all of these areas.

Call our qualified HVAC processionals and electricians in Trail, B.C. We are available 24/7 to serve you.

Give us a call at 250-368-0001 if you need an electrician, or if you require maintenance on your heating or air conditioning system.

5 stars

Five-star customer reviews for Power Tech Electric in Trail, B.C.:

“I was totally satisfied with the work and the promptness, skill and professionalism of Conor, the electrician who completed the job. I was especially impressed by the respect and patience with which he treated me and his apprentice. I would wholeheartedly recommend Power Tech to anyone requiring an electrician's services!” ~ Deb, Google reviewer

“I encountered an electrical issue that I couldn’t tackle, so called Power Tech Electrical. The technician and apprentice who solved the problem were both amazing! Professional, courteous, friendly, funny...they worked hard, and solved the issue...thanks so much, Power Tech!” ~ Colin, Google reviewer

“Being new and located in Montrose, I passed by Power Tech every day, but for some reason never really considered calling them right away. I tried companies closer to home but it was either no return call or in one case, a booking made months in advance then a no-show with garbage for excuses. I did not care about the cost, only needed things fixed and knew it was a full day of work. I sent a message through the (Power Tech) website and got a call back within an hour. Booked a date less than a week later with Conor. Team showed up, installed some new circuits, fixed many more and even helped me mount the over-range microwave. A pleasure to find a company that delivers and the rates were all quite reasonable. I will never need to call a different electrician if this is what I continue to get going forward. Great job folks.” ~ Robert, Google reviewer


How do I know when it’s time to call an electrician?

There are some clear signs that indicate when to call an electrician. Watch out for:

  • Breakers that get tripped frequently, or blown fuses
  • Flickering lights
  • Rust or damage around the breaker box
  • Outdated two-prong outlets that won't accept safer, three-prong grounded plugs
  • Absence of ground-fault circuit interrupters or GFCIs (GFCI installation is an important upgrade for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, as they prevent the risk of electrocution if water were to get into the outlet)
  • Wiring more than 20 years old
  • A mild electric shock when touching electrical surfaces such as light switches
  • Reliance on extension cords due to a lack of available outlets

If something on this list sounds familiar or you experience anything unusual with your electrical system, please give us a call. We are available for emergencies 24/7.


Why should I call Power Tech for electrical services in Trail, B.C.?

Offering a full range of services, our experienced team can handle any electrical project that comes our way. With over 35 years in business, we know what it takes to provide convenient and professional work. Give us a call day or night, and we will be there to assist you.

We proudly provide exceptional service in the following areas:

  • Residential electrical work: Home electrical work is a snap for the Power Tech staff team—we can get your house wired and ready in no time.

  • Commercial and industrial electrical work: Power Tech also does commercial and industrial electrical contracts for office buildings and other commercial or industrial structures.

  • Circuit breaker panel wiring: Ensure that your circuit breaker panel wiring is done by experts—Power Tech can do the job effectively and safely.

  • Safety lighting installation: Install safety lighting to illuminate your space and keep your home or office secure.

  • Thermostat installation: Keep your cool (or stay warm) this year—Power Tech can install thermostats at your home or office.

  • Fire alarm systems, verification and maintenance: In case of a fire, be prepared. Allow the Power Tech team to install, test and maintain your fire alarms so you can rest easy.

  • Emergency lighting installation, verification and annual test reports: Power Tech will install your emergency lighting, and also conduct verification and annual test reports to ensure it is working properly.

  • Instrumentation service: If you require instrumentation services, Power Tech can assist with our trained technicians.

  • PLC (programmable logic controller) Installations: Trust Power Tech to install your programmable logic controller (PLC). We have the experience to do the job right.


My light bulbs need frequent replacement. Should I be worried about an electrical problem?

You shouldn’t ignore it when you notice your light bulbs burn out remarkably fast. This could be a sign of overheating, which can present a fire hazard. It is generally caused by heat buildup, and light fixtures without adequate airflow can develop this problem.

There are a number of other possible explanations, but we would rather you be safe than sorry.

When should I call Power Tech’s experts on heating in Trail?

If you find yourself in need of furnace repairs, it’s time to give us a call. We have qualified HVAC specialists on staff, armed with the experience and skills needed to keep your heating system in excellent working order.

You may notice your furnace is not putting out enough heat (or any at all), and in cold Kootenay winters, that won’t do. Heating repair can require anything from changing an air filter to fixing the pilot light, fan motor or other components. It’s best to let a professional handle it for your safety and convenience—and clients throughout the West Kootenay trust Power Tech Electric.

air conditioning repair

Who can I call to install an A/C unit or maintain air conditioning in Trail?

It can get warm in Trail during the summer, so make sure you stay cool and comfortable. We can assist you in making sure your air conditioner is working properly, perform repairs if needed, or install a brand new, energy efficient unit.

Contact the team at Power Tech Electric and we can stop by your home to provide an estimate on your cooling system requirements. We have qualified HVAC technicians ready to help you, with 24/7 emergency service.

What are the opening hours for Power Tech Electric in Trail, B.C.?

  • Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Emergency Service 24/7

What payment options does Power Tech Electric in Trail, B.C., accept?

Cash, Cheque, e-transfer

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Phone: 250-368-0001


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