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Installing and servicing water pumps and water supply systems in the West Kootenay

Over the past two decades, Tri-City Pumps & Power has been proudly serving the West Kootenay region. We are members of the Goulds Professional Dealers Association and employ certified pump installers and electrical contractors, offering sales and service on all makes and models of pumps and wells.

We also have the most up-to-date equipment. For those hard-to-reach jobs, our experienced team will complete your project with its innovative pull-a-pump system.

Our customers are never in a bind if they call us—we provide emergency services 24/7 as required.

Call for a free quote on water pump installation or water well services in the West Kootenay

Give us a call at 250-359-7166 for a free estimate on pump installation and water supply services in the West Kootenay.

I need to install a water pump in the West Kootenay. How can Tri-City Pumps & Power assist?

We are here to help, with ample certification and years of experience under our belts.

As an authorized Goulds dealer, we sell and service a wide range of water pumps, and our staff includes certified pump installers (levels one and two).

Not only can we put in a brand-new system, we can also help you get the best performance out of your existing pump by providing testing, maintenance and repairs.

What should I do if I think my water pump needs servicing?

Call us for a free estimate, and we can assess the situation and determine what you need.

We have a variety of pump testing processes, including volume testing and flow testing. We can determine whether your water pump is performing to its full potential.

Even if everything appears to be running well, regular pump maintenance is imperative to keep your system in working order for the long term. Let us look over your set-up before you start having problems, and we can keep any issues at bay.

How do I know if I need maintenance on my water well system?

service truck

If you have a water well system in South Slocan or elsewhere in the West Kootenay, we can pop by and take a look. For your own information, these are a few key signs that your water well might need servicing:

  • Bursts of air in the water
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Unusual noises
  • A jump in your electric bill without explanation
  • Water looks or smells different

Addressing these problems early can save you the cost of an emergency service or more intensive repairs down the road.

My water well system is working just fine—do I still need to have it serviced?

We recommend having your water well maintained on an annual basis, even if it seems to be in perfect working order. Our staff might notice a subtle issue during testing, which might have gone undetected otherwise (at least until it became a bigger problem.) Or regular wear and tear could be leading you to an increasingly higher energy bill.

For the lifespan of your well and the quality of your water—not to mention your future budget—a yearly visit from us is a great idea.

Can low water pressure be remedied?

We can help you troubleshoot to find out why your water pressure is low, and we can hopefully fix it.

In many cases, a minor adjustment is all that is needed to give you more substantial water pressure. However, low pressure could also be caused by a leak or blockage, or as a result of an old system breaking down. In that case, we can repair or replace your water supply system in a prompt, professional manner at a reasonable cost.

Tri-City Pumps & Power offers warranties on water pump products, well systems and services in the West Kootenay

All of our Goulds products come with a five-year installation warranty, and there is a one-year warranty on all our labour. In short, we’ve got you covered. Visit us in the West Kootenay, and you’ll know you’re in good hands.

What are the opening hours for Tri-City Pumps & Power?

  • Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday
  • 24/7 Emergency service

Who are the owners of Tri-City Pumps & Power?

Brent and Geri Esner

Contact info

  • Address: 3583 South Slocan Village Rd, Bonnington, BC V0G 2G3
  • Phone: 250-359-7166

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