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Rely on these natural resource consultants in Cranbrook for diverse expertise in environmental services

With its origins in 1970, VAST Resource Solutions has a 50-year track record of providing exceptional environmental, ecological and engineering services. Based in Cranbrook, the company has a field office in Revelstoke.

VAST serves a wide range of sectors, including agriculture, forestry, mining, transportation and utility for both public and private sector clients, including homeowners.

To cover these wide-ranging sectors, VAST has over 30 diverse professionals on staff, including agrologists, biologists, engineers, foresters, geoscientists and technical staff.

From project design through project completion, the professionals at VAST deliver comprehensive solutions on time, in scope and on budget.

In fact, the company chose its name—VAST—to reflect this vast diversity of clients, the wide-ranging skill sets of its employees and “the sprawling natural landscape that is our workplace and our home.”

This vastness means one company, one phone call away.

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VAST Resource Solutions is ready to hear from you with its friendly and competent staff. Call them toll-free at 877-426-5300.

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Reviews of VAST Resource Solutions in Cranbrook:

“Great business. Organized and helpful with people’s needs.” ~ Tom A.

“Great guys to work with. Done lots of bridges with them.” ~ Tom C.

Do you need environmental consulting services in the Cranbrook area?

VAST Resource Solutions is a leader in cost-effective natural resource management solutions that consistently meet and exceed client expectations.

What sets this natural resource management and engineering consulting firm apart is its local knowledge, gained through decades of successful projects.

VAST provides a unique array of services and solutions in the areas of environment, engineering, forestry, agricultural, geomatics and GIS, and reclamation.

Their team of professionals is composed of certified agrologists, biologists, engineers and foresters. They are complemented by experienced technical staff with expertise in agriculture, forestry, fish and aquatic ecology, geomatics, wildlife and terrestrial ecology, reclamation, vegetation and riparian management.

Working in both the public and private sectors, VAST is proud of its history of working closely with First Nations, government, industry and other stakeholders to ensure responsible and evidence-based solutions to resource development and management of natural resources.

What VAST promises are solutions that are comprehensive, integrated and practical. Moreover, the solutions will be scientifically defensible.

All of their work complies with best management practices as well as applicable legislation and regulations. It is completed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Do you need a retaining wall, septic system or foundation work on your home?

No work is too small for the staff at VAST Resource Solutions. They can help you with any project on your property, from driveways to septic systems, from retaining walls to foundations.

Hiring an engineer in the Cranbrook area?

VAST Resource Solutions offers engineering solutions for many types of clients: residential homeowners, home builders, commercial builders and resource industries.

VAST engineers specialize in the planning and development of roads, bridges, culverts, pipelines, transmission lines and penstocks, and forest cut-blocks.

Their geotechnical engineers can provide expertise in foundations, retaining walls and sewerage systems.

Other areas of expertise include landslide and natural geohazard assessments, and hydrological engineering.

Do you need forestry or silviculture services in the Cranbrook area?

VAST provides project management expertise from beginning to end.

Thus, their forestry services include all aspects of forest development and silviculture, from initial planning and public/stakeholder liaison to ensuring timely approval of operational plans and fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Services include forest development plans, forest cut-block layout, woodlot management, timber cruising, wildland-urban interface fire planning, among many others.

VAST Resource Solutions can help with every aspect of a forestry project with qualified engineers, foresters and silviculturists. One company with all the needed expertise exists under one roof.

Here’s a short list of what VAST Resource Solutions can offer you

Services offered:

Accolades for VAST Resource Solutions

VAST Resource Solutions won the following awards from Kootenay Business:

Most Eco-Friendly Business: Platinum 2019 Best of Business Award Engineering Company: Silver 2019 Best of Business Award

When is VAST Resource Solutions open?

VAST Resource Solutions is open Monday to Friday 7 am to 5 pm

Who are the owners of VAST Resource Solutions?

Evan Kleindienst, David Struthers and Shawn Vokey are the owners of Vast Resource Solutions.

How many employees work at VAST Resource Solutions?

VAST has 35 employees.

Address: 304 Industrial Road G, Cranbrook BC, V1C 7J4 Phone: 250-426-5300; toll free: 877-426-5300


304 Industrial Rd G Cranbrook V1C 7J4